DM Innovations was formed in 2002 to develop creative video poker, blackjack, and slot games for the gaming industry. Our goal is to offer games that give players extra information for making game decisions in an eye-catching and different playing environment. We have designed and received patents on over a dozen games including:

DM also has performed numerous computer simulations to determine optimal playing strategies, win frequencies, and hold percentages. Further details are available upon request.

Who we are

The company's founders are David Loewenstein and Martin Wolff. David has a Master's Degree in Engineering from Columbia and a law degree from Fordham. He has been an intellectual property lawyer, specializing in patent and trademark law, for the past 19 years. Martin has a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton and an MBA from Columbia. He currently manages his own consulting firm specializing in business and intellectual property development, with over 17 years of experience in the space industry.

Contact us

DM Innovations
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