Who is DM Innovations?

DM Innovations is a company dedicated to creating innovative card games that give players the opportunity make new decisions based on extra information.

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What is the DM Game Room?

The DM Game Room is a showcase of card games made by DM Innovations. It allows players to play our games in a "for fun" casino-like experience by keeping their cash stored on our servers tied to an account.

Sign up is free, quick, and easy. But you may try it out as a guest first.

Do I have to sign up?

No, you may use the DM Game Room as a guest. However, your cash will be discarded when you close the window and you will be periodically reminded of the benefits of registering.

Is it free to sign up?

Yes! Sign up is 100% free.

What card games does the DM Game Room feature?

The DM Game Room currently offers:

How do I play (insert game here)?

While playing a game, you can find its instructions under the "game menu" button located on the top menu bar.

What if I run out of cash?

While playing a game, if your cash falls below the minimum amount required to play, it will automatically reset to $1000 (the starting amount). However, you may reset your cash to $1000 any time you want at the menu screen by choosing the "reset cash" menu item under "my account".